Armenia’s new national carrier, Fly Arna, has unveiled the design of its livery, with a colour scheme based on the country’s flag.

Fly Arna is being developed as a venture between Middle Eastern budget airline Air Arabia and the Armenian National Interests Fund.

Its livery is dominated by the bold red-yellow-blue pattern on the aft fuselage and fin, symbolising a capital ‘A’, while the rest of the fuselage is largely white bar the airline’s title.

Fly Arna’s name is derived as an acronym of ‘Armenian National Airlines’ and the carrier says the brand identity reflects a “young, modern and value-driven” operator.

“Its brand values are ambition – to motivate to build and grow the airline – persistence to build services that deliver real and tangible value to customers, and innovation to inspire creative solutions that help keep a competitive edge while remaining practical and efficient,” it adds.

Fly Arna says the livery aims to illustrate “clarity” and an airline that is “always on the move”.

FlyArna livery-c-FlyArna

Source: Fly Arna