Faroese carrier Atlantic Airways, which is tentatively venturing into transatlantic operations, is to build on its co-operation with Icelandair, as the Icelandic carrier expands to serve the Faroe Islands.

Atlantic Airways is extending its network to feature a transatlantic service to New York’s Stewart airport in August.

The airline plans to use Airbus A320neos to operate the route from Vagar airport, which serves the Faroese capital Torshavn.

Icelandair is opening its own link to Torshavn from May to October next year, with five to six weekly flights from Reykjavik’s Keflavik airport.

“We have noticed great interest from our customers across the world in visiting [the Faroe Islands],” says chief executive Bogi Nils Bogason.

Atlantic Airways A320-c-Atlantic Airways

Source: Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways is to operate a small number of flights to New York this year

Atlantic Airways, which already operates to Keflavik, has signed a letter of intent to broaden its co-operation with Icelandair.

“The two companies see great opportunities in offering their customers convenient connections between the Faroe Islands and Icelandair destinations in Europe and North America,” Icelandair states.

Atlantic Airways chief Johanna a Bergi says the US market is a driver behind the agreement.

“American tourists are an important and growing segment in the Faroe Islands,” she states. “This [letter of intent] paves the way for even closer connectivity to Iceland and Icelandair’s extensive network of routes to the USA and Europe.”