Bangladeshi cargo carrier Bismillah Airlines appears to be moving to Airbus A321 freighter operations, with a recruitment call for crews.

The operator, based in Dhaka, serves domestic and international routes and has used various aircraft types.

Bismillah Airlines is recruiting for captains and first officers on A321s, as well as associated instructors, maintenance and engineering personnel for the type.

The company states that it is hiring the pilots and engineers specifically for A321F operations, adding that they will be stationed in the Bangladeshi capital.

But it has not indicated further details about the plans, including the number of aircraft involved, the nature of the operation, timeline or route structure.

Bismillah Airlines is part of the broader Mollah Group of Industries, which has interests in a diverse range of activities.

Bismillah HS748-c-Bismillah Airlines

Source: Bismillah Airlines

Bismillah has used a range of aircraft types including HS748s