Icelandic wet-lease cargo carrier Bluebird Nordic is seeking to establish a Central European operation, and is proceeding to obtain a Slovakian air operator’s certificate.

Bluebird Nordic says the measure is a “strategic move” to enter “new and prominent” markets.

It says the new authorisation will enable it to expand its route network and reinforce the carrier’s brand in the region.

“Slovakia is ideally positioned in the middle of Europe, which offers great opportunities for a wider geographical coverage,” states chief executive Audrone Keinyte.

Bluebird Nordic has a freighter fleet of five Boeing 737-800s, plus seven older 737-300/400s.

But it is expanding its capacity to 25 aircraft over the next couple of year

Bluebird Nordic is part of Avia Solutions Group – which recently shifted its headquarters to Ireland – and is one of several operators in its portfolio.

Avia Solutions also encompasses SmartLynx, Avion Express, BBN Airlines and a number of other carriers. The group is also aiming to acquire an Indonesian air operator’s certificate to expand its presence.

Bluebird 737 freighter-c-AviaAM Leasing

Source: AviaAM Leasing

Bluebird operates a fleet of 737 freighters comprising several variants