Romania’s competition regulator is examining the proposed acquisition of charter carrier Animawings which is currently majority-owned by Greek operator Aegean Airlines.

Animawings was established in 2020 and conducts services to various Greek island destinations.

It was founded by travel firm Memento Group whose businesses include the tour operator Christian Tour.

Aegean originally took a 25% shareholding in the carrier, which uses a number of Aegean’s Airbus A320 aircraft, and then increased its stake to 51% in 2021.

The Greek carrier primarily handles operational activity while Memento Group focuses on commercial business.

Animawings A320-c-MarcelX42 Creative Commons

Source: MarcelX42/Creative Commons

Animawings uses A320s leased from Aegean Airlines

Romania’s competition regulator, Consiliul Concurentei, says it is assessing a proposed transaction through which Memento Group “intends to take over” Animawings.

It has not given full details of the proposal.

But the regulator states that it must authorise the operation, and will evaluate it to “establish compatibility with a normal competitive environment” before making its decision.

Consiliul Concurentei has invited comment and opinion on the issue within 20 days.