Kenya Airways has welcomed a court decision compelling striking pilots to resume their work for the carrier.

The employment and labour relations court ruling follows a walkout by cockpit crews that began on 5 November.

Kenya Airways says the court has ordered pilots to return to work on 9 November.

“We thank the court for the expeditious ruling that now allows [Kenya Airways] to resume its normal operations,” it states.

“We commit to complying with the court’s directions.”

Kenya Airways warns that the company will have to “redouble its efforts” to restructure and reduce costs, and recover the time and money lost.

“The path to recovery will be difficult,” it says.

Kenya Airways had barely a couple of dozen pilots available at times, and the majority of its network was suspended. The airline commenced disciplinary procedures against pilots who failed to report, and began recruitment processes for additional crews.

It also stated that it would pursue contempt proceedings against the Kenya Airline Pilots Association for “inciting” the “unlawful” strike, and causing revenue losses to the carrier.

Kenya 777-c-Sergey Kustov Creative Commons

Source: Sergey Kustov/Creative Commons