Croatia Airlines’ order for six Airbus A220-300s has been transferred to Irish-based lessor Griffin Global Asset Management, the leasing company has confirmed.

The carrier’s order for the six jets had been removed from end-of-year backlog figures released by the airframer on 11 January, while six A220-300s had been listed for Griffin at the same time.

Croatia Airlines chief Jasmin Bajic says the agreement will “assist us in our transition to a single fleet type”.

It had originally placed the order for the six Pratt & Whitney PW1500G-powered aircraft in November 2022.

They were part of a fleet-renewal programme under which it plans to introduce up to 12 A220s, and potentially take the number up to 15.

Croatia Airlines A220-c-Airbus

Source: Airbus

Croatia Airlines placed the order for six A220-300s in November 2022

Griffin says the six A220s which it is ordering from Airbus on Croatia Airlines’ behalf will be delivered from 2026.

It adds that the agreement marks a new customer and a new aircraft type for the lessor’s portfolio.

Griffin president Marc Baer states that the agreement is a “natural next step” for the company, in order to continue supporting fleet-replacement and growth for carriers.

“This six aircraft transaction demonstrates our ability to provide the most up-to-date and fuel-efficient aircraft at scale,” adds Griffin senior vice-president of marketing Peter Bennett.

Croatia Airlines has also previously selected US lessor Air Lease to supply another six A220s.