EasyJet has committed to CFM International to power over 150 additional Airbus A320neo aircraft covered by an order placed late last year.

Airbus listed an order for 101 A321neos and 52 A320neos in December, the bulk of an agreement to take another 157 of the single-aisle jets.

EasyJet was also simultaneously revealed as the customer behind orders for four A320neos the previous April.

The airline had stated that it was holding exclusive talks with CFM to fit Leap-1A engines to the additional aircraft.

EasyJet A320neo-c-Airbus

Source: Airbus

EasyJet ordered 157 A320neo-family aircraft in 2023, the bulk of them in December

CFM has confirmed that it has reached an agreement to supply over 300 Leap powerplants to the carrier. Terms have not been disclosed.

EasyJet chief Johan Lundgren says the airline chose the Leap engine after a “competitive selection process”.

The airline has demonstrated strong loyalty to CFM. It still has over 250 older A320s in its fleet which are fitted with the CFM56 powerplant, while nearly 70 A320neos have the Leap engine.

Lundgren says the agreement, which includes spare engines and service arrangements, will provide “important environmental benefits” from lower noise and higher fuel efficiency.

EasyJet will start taking delivery of the aircraft in 2029.