Ecuadorian carrier Equair has suspended operations just two years after the Latin American airline emerged.

Equair, which was established with wholly-Ecuadorian investment, had been using a small fleet of Boeing 737-700s on domestic and regional routes.

It states that it has been conducting services that prioritise safety, sustainability and quality, while aiming for profitability.

But it adds that, after analysis of the market situation, it has taken the “responsible decision” to “suspend its activities”.

Equair says it has communicated the information to more than 200 personnel, and that it will support them during the “separation process”.

The airline has reached an arrangement with LATAM Airlines’ Ecuadorian arm to transport passengers booked on Equair flights, as part of a non-profit protection agreement.

Equair adds that it has set up telephone inquiry lines for passenger queries.

Equair 737-700-c-Equair

Source: Equair

Equair’s fleet includes 737-700s

It operated up to 66 weekly frequencies on the main domestic link between Quito and Guayaquil, as well as flights to the Galapagos Islands and the city of El Coca, achieving a 17% market share on itw network.

Equair, which emerged at the end of 2021, says it sought to advance national development and create employment.

“We look to the future and focus on the new challenges that the world of today holds,” it says, “in a dynamic environment that forces us to adapt to the change in an agile and strategic way.”

LATAM Airlines Ecuador says it is offering seats to Equair passengers at “no additional cost” following the “cessation of operations” by the carrier, and in response to a request from Ecuadorian authorities.

“Spaces for the protection of Equair passengers will be assigned according to seat availability on the domestic flights operated by LATAM Airlines Ecuador,” it states, adding that it applies to Equair customers booked on flights between 30 September and 31 December.