Egyptian company Sky Vision Airlines has received an Airbus A320 converted freighter, the second A320P2F to be handed over by lessor Vaayu Group.

The aircraft, MSN2724, was originally delivered to Singaporean operator Scoot in 2006.

Powered by International Aero Engines V2500s, the twinjet also served with Greek wet-lease carrier Orange2fly.

The aircraft was converted to a freighter last year by Airbus-ST Engineering joint venture EFW.

Vaayu Group leased the aircraft from ST Engineering’s affiliate Juniper Aviation Investments.

Sky Vision A320P2F-c-Vaayu Group

Source: Vaayu Group

Sky Vision’s A320P2F was converted by joint venture EFW

“We are extremely encouraged by the demand for the A320P2F,” says ST Engineering senior vice-president and head of freighter leasing Tan Boom Keng.

He says this is “clear testimony” of the “versatility, benefits and value” of the cargo modification.

Sky Vision Airlines chief Amr Abd El-Zaher says Vaayu has a “great record” in the aviation sector and offers “invaluable expertise”.

Vaayu’s first A320P2F was leased to Indian operator Pradhaan Air Express. It aims to take another of the type this year.