Faroe Islands carrier Atlantic Airways is to open a transatlantic service to New York later this year, for a short period.

The airline will fly from its Vagar base to New York’s secondary Stewart airport from 22 August.

Atlantic Airways will serve the connection weekly.

It says it will operate the flights until 4 October, but aims to restart the operation in spring next year.

“The interest in the route has been great both among Faroese and foreigners, ever since it came out that we were planning a direct flight to the USA,” says managing director Johanna a Bergi.

“We expect that it will be a great success.”

Atlantic Airways is set to use Airbus A320neos on the route, according to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. The carrier operates two Airbus A320neos and three A320s.

The great-circle distance for the service is around 2,600nm, within A320neo range.

Atlantic Airways also serves Reykjavik, which is used by carriers including Icelandair and Play to operate transatlantic flights connecting European and US destinations.

According to the carrier it has selected Stewart airport for the convenient landing times, and will arrange bus transfers to New York.

Atlantic Airways Airbus-c-Atlantic Airways

Source: Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways primarily operates single-aisle Airbus jets