Indonesian start-up cargo operator Raindo United Services is to lease a pair of Boeing 737-800 converted freighters to conduct flights.

The aircraft will be leased through AerCap, the Irish lessor states.

AerCap adds that the initial aircraft will be converted at Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services, while a second will undergo modification by STAECO.

Raindo United Services is the operating brand for Rusky Aero Indonesia, located in Jakarta, and is aiming to commence flights in July this year.

Raindo 737-800 freighter-c-RUS

Source: Raindo United Services

Raindo’s initial aircraft will be converted by two different organisations

The carrier was established last June and has since obtained various licences including a scheduled air cargo transport certificate.

It indicates that it will conduct domestic flights – to Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar and Surabaya – as well as international services to such cities as Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Singapore.

“We believe this strategic step will allow us to benefit the community, especially the [small and medium enterprise] industry in Indonesia, through the seamless and sustainable connectivity logistic delivery experience of Raindo United Services,” says the company’s founder, Benny Rustanto.

AerCap has delivered around 50 converted 737-800 freighters.