El Al states that a class action which accused the Israeli flag-carrier’s ticketing system of unfairly charging higher fares has been rejected in a legal judgement.

The airline had disclosed last year that the class action had been filed which alleged potential damages amounting to 147 million shekels ($40 million).

It had centred on a claim that, prior to purchase of a group of tickets, the carrier’s ticket system moved all the fares to a higher price bracket.

The claim had argued that the multiple tickets – typically two, three or more – cost far more than they would have if purchased individually.

It focused on ticket purchases over a seven-year period which, it said, could have been made at a lower cost.

But El Al says that a 14 April judgement was issued “rejecting the request [for the class action] outright” and assigning El Al’s legal costs to the applicant.

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Source: El Al

El Al had been accused of unfairly charging higher fares for group bookings