Premium long-haul operator La Compagnie is suspending all its scheduled flights for nearly a month, following the transatlantic travel ban imposed by the US government.

La Compagnie says it will halt all services from 18 March and maintain the suspension until 12 April.

The airline operates twice-daily between Paris Orly and New York’s Newark airport. It had also been planning to fly between Nice and Newark during the summer months.

But La Compagnie says it has been “forced to reassess” its schedule for the coming months after US president Donald Trump ordered a 30-day ban on travel to the USA from dozens of European countries.

It will restart the regular transatlantic route with a single daily flight from 13 April, once restrictions are lifted.

But the airline will also postpone the Nice-Newark operation – intended to commence on 1 May – until 1 June.

“We hope we will return to completely normal activity from 1 June,” it says, adding that passengers will be able to reschedule booked flights at no charge.

La Compagnie uses a fleet of two Airbus A321neo jets, configured with 76 seats, powered by CFM International Leap-1A engines.