Uzbek start-up carrier Air Samarkand has secured its air operator’s certificate from the Central Asian country’s ministry of transport.

The carrier has obtained an ICAO code – UZS – as well as the callsign ‘Sarmarkand’, and has started building a fleet with an initial Airbus A330-300 and A321.

“Air Samarkand is now a further step nearer to the commencement of services from this incredible, historic city of Samarkand,” says chief executive Anton Khojayan.

“Everything is now ready for this.”

Air Samarkand A330-c-Air Samarkand

Source: Air Samarkand

Air Samarkand has obtained an A330 and A321 for its services

Air Samarkand will initially operate charter flights before commencing scheduled services in spring 2024.

It will fly to destinations including Turkey, China and south-east Asia before expanding to European cities in the first year.

Granting of the AOC follows an audit of aircraft systems, equipment, flight preparation, crew qualifications and documents.

“We have an ambitious plan for the rapid development of Air Samarkand, providing our passengers with safe, direct and high-quality services to a growing number of cities in Asia and Europe as we ramp up operations,” says Khojayan.

He states that the airline has been recruiting experienced leadership and flight personnel in order to offer an “exceptional” in-flight service.