Lufthansa Group carrier Swiss has entered an agreement with maintenance provider Turkish Technic to service seven Airbus A330s.

Swiss has 14 A330-300s in its long-haul fleet.

Vice-president for technical fleet management Claus Bauer says the carrier will “explore the key strategic partners” for maintenance “in the years to come”.

He points out that Turkish Airlines, one of Swiss’s Star Alliance partners, operates its own large A330 fleet – around 60 of different variants – and is “experienced” with the type.

Swiss A330 MRO-c-Turkish Technic

Source: Turkish Technic

Seven Swiss A330-300s will undergo servicing with the Turkish MRO firm

Bauer adds that Swiss believes the provider will offer “competitive performance”.

“Our goal is to foster a trustful partnership that provides value for both parties for a long-term co-operation,” he says.

Turkish Technic says the maintenance schedule commenced in November and the entire batch of aircraft will pass through its facilities over the coming months.

Chief technical officer Yasin Birinci says the company offers “high-quality services” and “reliable turnaround times”.

“We believe that this agreement will pave the way for a long-term partnership between both parties,” Birinci adds.