Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, tells FlightGlobal ahead of his appearance at next month’s Airlines 2050 conference in London that the UK market is critical to the carrier’s current and future success.

The UK currently accounts for 26% of Emirates’ capacity and has been growing in recent years at 6-7% per year.

“The UK is a really, really strong story for Emirates and continues apace. It provides 56% of our total profit from our European operations,” says Clark.

But the UK cannot rest on its laurels, he adds: “All the airports are going to have to do quite a lot with regard to what I see as demand for the United Kingdom. The more they can do, with regard to capital infrastructure spend, the more airlines will come.”

Airlines 2050, organised by FlightGlobal, takes place in London on 17 October. Find out more at flightglobal.com/Airlines2050

Source: FlightGlobal.com