US charter carrier JSX has provisionally agreed to acquire over 330 hybrid-electric aircraft from three manufacturers – US-based Electra, France’s Aura Aero and Sweden’s Heart Aerospace.

Dallas-based JSX operates a fleet of Embraer ERJ-135s and ERJ-145s across a network of 24 destinations.

It has unveiled letters of intent to acquire up to 100 Heart Aerospace ES-30s, plus up to 150 Aura Aero Era 19-seat aircraft, and up to 82 of Electra’s nine-seat eSTOL.

The firm components of each agreement respectively cover 50, 50 and 32 aircraft.

ES-30-c-Heart Aerospace

Source: Heart Aerospace

JSX has selected Heart’s ES-30 and will take up to 100 of the type

JSX says the tentative order, up to 332 aircraft in total, represents a commitment to the “renewal of low-impact regional transportation” in the country.

It expects to take delivery of its first hybrid-electric aircraft in 2028.

JSX says its operational model, combined with the “exceptional” performance capabilities of the new aircraft, will enable service to “thousands” of airports otherwise inaccessible to passengers.

The carrier says can “dramatically lower” the cost of its services with the hybrid-electric fleet, and open new flight operations to areas deprived of air service.

JSX chief executive Alex Wilcox says the agreement “exemplifies our commitment to customer-friendly, carbon-reducing solutions” for providing air service to small communities.

“As the network airlines order ever-larger aircraft it is inevitable that more and more small markets will be abandoned,” he claims.

The ES-30 is being developed as a 30-seat low-emission aircraft with a hybrid range of 215nm (400km).

“We see not only the opportunity to reconnect many regional routes lost over the years, but also open many more new ones,” says Heart president and chief commercial officer Simon Newitt, who adds that the ES-30 “fits very well with JSX’s vision”.

ERA and eSTOL composite-c-Electra and Aura Aero

Source: Aura Aero/Electra

Aura Aero’s Era (upper) and Electra’s eSTOL (lower) have also been chosen by JSX

Aura Aero’s Era will offer a range of up to 900nm and use all-electric propulsion for take-off.

This agreement marks a new step in our development in the USA,” says president Jeremy Caussade.

Virginia-based Electra is developing the eSTOL as a nine-seat aircraft able to operate up to 500nm, and capable of taking off or landing in less than 150ft.

“Our eSTOL aircraft is uniquely positioned to deliver on JSX’s commitment to provide sustainable access to small communities and large cities alike,” says Electra vice-president JP Stewart.