AIRPORT SYSTEMS International (ASI) plans to establish a joint venture in Indonesia to produce navigation aids (navaids) and landing systems.

The Kansas-based company has reached agreement with Indonesia's PT LEN and PT Elektrindo Nusantara, to form the Asian country's first navaids manufacturer.

ASI projects that the potential navaids market in Indonesia and the Asia/Pacific region will be worth more than $1 billion over the next ten years.

The US company has already teamed with LEN and Elektrindo to offer co-production of its VHF-omni-range (VOR) and distance-measuring equipment navaids, to meet an Indonesian requirement.

If the joint venture receives Indonesian Government approval as expected by mid-1996, LEN and Elektrindo will market, produce, install and support ASI's full line of navaids in Indonesia and the Pacific Rim.

ASI navaids include instrument-landing systems and the differential global-positioning-system ground-station now under development.

ASI has received a $900,000 contract to supply VOR navaids to Turkey. The contract covers four fixed-site VORs, plus a mobile system intended for site testing and emergency operations. They were scheduled to have been delivered by January.

Source: Flight International