Airservices Australia and Australia's Defence Department have released a joint tender seeking a next generation air traffic management system that will further efforts to harmonise air traffic control between the two organisations.

The new platform is expected to replace The Australian Advanced Air Traffic Control system used by Airservices and the similar Australian Defence Air Traffic System used by the Royal Australian Air Force.

"This future ATM system will ensure that Australian aviation remains at the forefront of technologically advanced air traffic management and safety," says Airservices chief executive Margaret Staib.

The tender will close on 30 October, and follows an earlier request for information that was issued in April 2010.

Airservices has been appointed as the lead agency for the project and the request for proposal process will be handled jointly between Airservices and the Defence Department.

Although Airservices has responsibility for most air traffic control in Australia, the RAAF provides tower control services at some joint military/civil airports, including Newcastle Williamtown, Townsville and Darwin International Airports. Military controllers also regularly oversee some airspace corridors that are used by airlines and other civil aircraft.

Staib says that having a single ATM platform will allow Airservices and military air traffic controllers to work more closely together.

"Through more flexible use of airspace, it will enable better management and prioritisation of an increasingly complex traffic mix," she says. "In an environment of projected growth, it will also allow us to connect the Australian aviation industry to deliver world-best industry performance."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news