Airservices Australia has started evaluating responses to its nationwide automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B) ground station tender after the deadline for bids passed last week. The service provider plans to select a ground station supplier early next year, allowing the programme to start on 19 March, writes Emma Kelly.

Airservices Australia provider issued a request for tenders (RFT) for the design and supply of 20 ADS-B ground stations throughout the country in September. The ground stations will provide radar-like surveillance separation services using Mode S squitter-based ADS-B to aircraft flying above FL300 (30,000ft/9,150m). Ground stations are due to be operational across the country by the end of 2005 as part of the upper airspace programme.

Airservices declines to comment on the responses, but they are expected to include Sensis, which supplied one ADS-B ground station installed at Bundaberg, Queensland, as part of Air- services' trial of the technology.

Shortlisted candidates in the upper airspace programme will be notified by 12 December, to be followed by demonstrations of equipment from 12-23 January. The preferred bidder will be notified by 25 February, after which a supply agreement will be negotiated, to take effect in March.

Source: Flight International