Airbus and China Aviation Industry I (AVIC I) have formalised their May 2001 co-operation agreement, clearing the way for the progressive transfer of production of A320 wing fixed leading- and trailing-edge assemblies to China.

Under the terms of the $160 million deal signed at the show, AVIC I companies Shenyang Aircraft (SAC) and Xian Aircraft (XAC) will produce the parts. An additional commercial contract was signed for AVIC I's Chengdu Aircraft to make A320 "section 11" floor grids for Airbus.

The European manufacturer has already subcontracted production of interspar ribs, electronics access doors and emergency exit doors to SAC and XAC. Chengdu Aircraft has built A320 rear doors since 1998.

Meanwhile, eight more vendors are to distribute spares to Chinese airlines through the joint China Aviation Supplies Import & Export/Airbus Customer Services Support Centre in Beijing. Eaton Aerospace, Goodrich, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, Parker Aerospace, Satair and TPA join 12 other suppliers providing services to Asia-Pacific and Chinese Airbus operators.

China's Nanjing Jinling will build one of the roll-on/roll-off cargo ships that will carry A380 major subassemblies from factories in Europe for final assembly in Toulouse. The vessel will be delivered in 2004. It will collect subassemblies from Broughton, UK; Hamburg, Germany; Puerto Real, Spain; and St Nazaire in France. The final part of the journey to Toulouse will be by road.

Source: Flight International