China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) has unveiled at Airshow China the prototype of its Primus 150, which will become China's first locally-built business aircraft.

The five-seat, pressurised turboprop aircraft will be built out of carbon composite and is scheduled to have its first flight in October 2013, with plans to obtain FAR Part 23 certification in 2015.

According to CAIGA, the aircraft will be one of the fastest turboprops in the world with a maximum cruise speed of 352kt (652km/h), a maximum range of 1,410nm (2,610km) and a ceiling of 28,000ft (8,530m).

CAIGA has selected GE Aviation's new 850shp (630kW) H85 turboprop engine to power the aircraft. The H85 is a derivative of the H80 engine and is awaiting certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency, followed by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

"The China region is a growing area for business and general aviation," said Brad Mottier, vice-president and general manager of GE Aviation's Business and General Aviation organisation.

"The H85-powered Primus 150 will allow GE to strengthen its presence in the region and to be a significant participant in China's 12th Five-Year growth plan," he adds.

The two companies have also announced that they will jointly develop a service and support programme for the aircraft and expand their ability to service turboprop engines in China.

Zhuhai-based CAIGA is a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which took over Cirrus Aviation last year.

Source: Flight International