Andrew Douse

Organisers of Airshow China have apologised for their last two events, blaming problems on their lack of experience and unsatisfactory management.

The admission was made by Zou Jinfeng, president of the Zhuhai Airshow Company, at a press conference to publicise Airshow China 2000, which runs from 6-12 November in Zhuhai.

During the conference, members of the audience complained about the huge numbers of public visitors that were allowed into China '98. It was claimed that visitors knocked over exhibits and took products.

One trade representative also complained about the traffic congestion, saying that it took him seven hours to get into the show ground.


Promising to put things right at China 2000, Jinfeng says: "We are going to create three dedicated trade days, when no public visitors will be admitted.

"Surface transport management will be further strengthened to ensure easy access in and out of the site for exhibitors and exclusive car parking for exhibitors will also be made available.

"An efficient, on-site management system will also be established to upgrade services."

He said that public visitor numbers would be limited, too, so as not to cause inconvenience. At China '98, more than one million people flooded through the gates over the course of the show.

Currently, around 40 key aerospace manufacturers have confirmed their intention to participate at China 2000, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Rolls-Royce.

Source: Flight Daily News