Shenyang-Evektor Aircraft unveiled its EV-97 ultralight aircraft at Airshow China 2002. The company is a joint venture between China's Shenyang Aircraft and Evektor-Aerotechnik of the Czech Republic, with funding from Income Growth Investment Consultant (Shenyang).

The venture has been set up to develop, manufacture and sell "multi-function general aviation aircraft, targeting the Chinese and Asian market", says Shenyang-Evektor. "With rapid economic development in China and the adjustment of air traffic control policies, general aviation will undoubtedly develop rapidly in China," it adds.

The Bombardier Rotax 912S-powered EV-97 has been designed as a "competitively priced" training and sports aircraft and features a short take-off and landing capability, folding wing and a stall parachute. Wingspan is 8.1m (27ft) and overall length 5.98m, while maximum take-off weight is 450kg (990lb) and maximum speed 132kt (245km/h).

Source: Flight International