Cabin information system manufacturer Airshow has launched an upgraded direct-broadcast satellite television system for corporate aircraft. It is also to develop new antenna technologies for future airborne television systems in partnership with AeroSat Avionics.

The new Tailwind 100, which will be the first in a family of airborne television systems, includes a fourth-generation antenna manufactured by Thales.

Airshow says that, compared with earlier versions, the Tailwind 100 antenna has better holding-torque at take-off and landing; enhanced antenna feed-hornand radio-frequency components to increase signal gain; forced-air cooled systems for greater reliability; and enhanced capture and stability of the performing signal. The system provides coverage throughout continental USA, with programming supplied by DirecTV.

Future Tailwind systems will feature AeroSat antennas, which will support multi-region programming.

The company pioneered the in-flight delivery of live television service to business jets in 1997. More than 110 business aircraft are equipped with its systems.

Source: Flight International