Brunei finally detailed its avionics equipment for its three maritime-patrol CN-235s in October 1996, with the radar competition being won by Texas Instruments. Pakistan is also emerging as a potential customer for a maritime-patrol variant of the aircraft. The CN-235 is being offered to South Korea to meet an air force requirement for up to 14 transport aircraft. Turkey has yet to determine which aircraft it will use to meet its MPA requirement, with the CN-235 remaining a candidate. IPTN now favours the larger N-250 rather as the basis for an airborne early-warning aircraft. The Spanish air force has bought 18 more CN-235s to replace its de Havilland DHC-4 Caribou fleet, and six for maritime patrol. France has selected the CN-235 as a successor to the Noratlas. Ireland has three aircraft for the maritime SAR/economic-zone-surveillance role. The Indonesian armed forces will receive 50 aircraft: 32 for the air force and 18 for the navy. At least six of the latter will be maritime-surveillance versions, with 360°-scan radar, Aerospatiale AM.39 missiles and Mk46 torpedoes.

Source: Flight International