CubCrafters unveiled its second-generation Sport Cub S2 at the show. The aircraft incorporates more than 100 design improvements and standard features.

Glassfibre replaces carbonfibre throughout the aircraft, allowing features and options that bring it to the light sport aircraft weight limit of 600kg (1,320lb). The former optional 95 litre (25USgal) wing tanks are now standard, as are AmSafe airbags for both pilot and passenger.

"One of the biggest changes in the S2 is in the airbag," says CubCrafters vice-president Todd Simmons. "In just the last four years, CubCrafters introduced both the original LSA-category Sport Cub, and its big brother the Part 23-certificated Top Cub," he adds.

"Today, we've incorporated everything we know about Super Cubs into Sport Cub S2."

Wing flaps and vortex generators are also standard, but there are plenty of options left beyond the base price of $119,500. Those include upgraded intercom, XM radio, ELT options, back-country tundra tyres, metal props, lights, strobes, fire extinguisher and floats.

"We've completely redesigned the door, reducing wind noise," Simmons says. A new door design allows easier entry.