Alaska Airlines is rolling out Meru Network's virtualized wireless solution as it brings Aircell's Gogo Internet system to its fleet.

The Meru solution transforms passengers' in-flight microcell wireless experience "to a more predictable and reliable service", says Meru, noting that passengers "will now be able to experience connectivity 35,000ft in the air that is as dependable as a wired Internet service on the ground".

A total 47 Alaska aircraft have been fitted with Gogo and the Meru solution, but this will grow to 105 by the end of the installation programme this fall, says an Aircell spokeswoman.

Chicago-headquartered Aircell has been working with Meru for a couple of years on specifically-tailored solutions for the airborne environment. "These features offer enhanced capacity and security on the Wi-Fi link (useful in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, video and voice)," says the Aircell spokeswoman.

While there are no plans to fit Meru's virtualized wireless solution to all Gogo-equipped aircraft, "it is a strong option along with Cisco on upcoming/future installations", she adds.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news