Alcatel revealed more details yesterday of its planned 64-satellite low Earth orbit Skybridge Ku-band interactive multimedia access system.

Alcatel, US company Oracle and other operators and manufacturers will join forces to operate the multimedia satellite constellation that will be capable of reaching 20 million users in 2000.

The company says the Skybridge can be "-easily integrated into any terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure, with low cost to the user".

The Skybridge will serve the new era of the information highway which will include expansion of the Internet, and the use of space for telemedicine, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, teleworking and entertainment.

The service will be introduced with 32 satellites, with eventual worldwide service offering 64 satellites. Each 800kg (1,700lb) satellite will have 45 simultaneous spot beams and bandwidth on demand.

The craft will orbit in different constellations in circular 1,457km (964 mile) orbits.

Source: Flight Daily News