Aluminium manufacturers Alcoa Aerospace (Hall 4, D14) have a little history on their stand – they are displaying a full-sized replica of the engine crank case they produced for the Wright Brothers' first flight.


It is one of four parts manufactured for a re-enactment celebrating the flight's centenary. Alcoa was approached by a group of volunteers called The Wright Experience who hoped to stage a re-enactment so precise that Alcoa had to use 1903 production methods in its reproduction of the part.

"It was a great honour to be approached by The Wright Experience to contribute to such a great project," says Phil Morton, director of communications, Alcoa Aerospace. "We are proud to have been involved in such an historic event and would love to go and see its re-enactment in December next year."

Alcoa's input into the venture was vital to the Wright Brothers' success. The brothers had calculated that their aircraft would not fly if the engine weighed more than 160lb (73kg). Alcoa's lightweight aluminium design ensured that they met their weight criterion, thus lending a hand in the first flight.

Source: Flight Daily News