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  • Airbus delivery line-up Toulouse A330 A350 tails 2019

    Mainline deliveries could exceed 700 in 2020 and rise next year


    With a little over three months left of 2020, it is remains far from clear what the industry’s mainline jet delivery total will be for the year, amid uncertainty over the pace of the recovery and the availability of finance. Adding to the confusing picture is the likely timing of the Boeing 737 Max’s return and, if it does get a green light in 2020, how many aircraft will be handed over.

  • VA-IX - cr Vertical Aerospace

    The magic number that makes electric flight viable


    Today’s attempts to fly on battery power rely on the same Lithium-ion technology that powers cells phones and automobiles; it can work, but to really get off the ground aviation will need a new generation of energy storage technology

  • British Airways, American, Virgin aircraft at Heathrow Nov 18

    Why transatlantic return matters so much to airlines


    When Virgin Atlantic broke the news it would need to cut over 1,000 more jobs, even having secured its future within £1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) in refinancing commitments, it underlined just how damaging the failure to reignite the key transatlantic market was.

  • Boeing_ATS_with_SuperHornet(2)

    AI to dogfight against real-world fighter aircraft in 2024: Pentagon


    “We see AI as a tool to free up resources, time and manpower, so our people can focus on higher priority tasks and arrive at the decision point, whether in a lab or on the battlefield, faster and more precise than the competition,” says US secretary of defense Mark Esper.

  • Ed Dandridge_Boeing comms_9Sept2020

    Boeing appoints new chief communications officer


    Boeing has appointed an insurance executive to be its new chief communications officer, the fourth person to hold the post in less than a year.

  • United Dreamliner1

    United plans new long-haul non-stop flights to Africa, India, Hawaii


    United Airlines will launch seven new long-haul widebody non-stop routes – five international and two domestic – as the airline shifts its focus away from business travel to the leisure segment, which it believes will be the first to rebound after the coronavirus global health pandemic.

  • EasyJet-Ryanair-c-Shutterstock

    Winter of disconnect ahead for Europe’s airlines


    There are few crumbs of comfort for European airlines as they look back on a worse-than-expected summer season and forward to what could be a bleak winter.

  • SAS A350-c-SAS

    SAS and French Bee line up behind Airbus for fello’fly fuel-saving tests


    Airbus has revealed that it has signed up A350 operators SAS and French Bee, alongside three European air navigation service providers (ANSPs), to help advance its fello’fly vortex-harnessing fuel-saving initiative.

  • Thai Airways fleet at Bangkok airport May 2020, Shutterstock

    Thailand tourism collapse poses existential crisis for airlines


    The Thai airline industry has had a dramatic past few months amid the coronavirus outbreak, which has seen two carriers file for business rehabilitation, and a third going under. How did one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing markets end up in this state, and is there a way out? 

  • Xian H-6N October 2019

    H-6 evolves from Cold War relic to Beijing’s hammer


    Beijing’s years of patient investment in the Xian H-6 bomber, a local variant of the Cold War-era Tupolev Tu-16, have created an attack asset which is of significant concern to Washington DC. If aircraft mentions are anything to go by, the Pentagon’s recent China Military Power Report suggests ...

  • Virgin Orbit drop test

    Why the sky is no limit for RAF’s space ambitions


    Like its key allies, the UK is increasingly reliant on space-based assets for daily life in ordinary civil society and for the perfornance of its military forces. So, the Royal Air Force’s operating domain now extends from the ground to far beyond the atmosphere

  • Airline meals generic shot c Shutterstock

    Airline caterers launch push to restore crisis-hit confidence


    Airline food service has been doubly affected by the crisis – with fewer flights but passengers also wary about the safety of the meals they are being served. Can the sector bite back?

  • Bangkok

    Once the industry’s darlings, Asian LCCs struggle in pandemic’s wake


    Asia-Pacific’s low-cost carriers were once the region’s success stories and seen as the next phase of growth. Amid the coronavirus outbreak though, many are now struggling. How will they overcome the crisis? 

  • Frankfurt airport

    Europe’s air travel recovery runs out of steam


    The rebound in the levels of aircraft being operated in Europe has stalled, with indications that several airlines are beginning to pull back on capacity.

  • EVA A330-300 Hello Kitty

    Can sightseeing flights tap pent-up air travel demand?


    Two Asia-Pacific airlines have this month operated domestic sightseeing flights to meet pent-up flying demand as Covid-19 limits air travel, but how much potential does this market offer in the long run? DINE AND FLY Royal Brunei Airlines’ first-ever scenic flight took off on 16 August, departing from ...

  • AirAsia X Thailand Airbus A330neo

    ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot for A330neo


    The coronavirus is a disaster for all airlines and airframers, but a concentration of orders with troubled Southeast Asian carriers presents a particular challenge for the Airbus A330neo. The world was very different in July 2014. Brent crude stood at well over $100 a barrel, a price that seemed ...

  • Fiji Airways A350 Airbus

    Covid-19 travel restrictions bog down Fiji Airways


    Fiji seems unlikely to resume international air travel soon, especially as its national carrier cancelled scheduled international passenger service through the end of September. “This is due to ongoing border closures and travel restrictions as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Fiji Airways said in a 12 August ...

  • PIA Karachi c Shahzaib Akber_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock_10657168l

    Safety: Accidents, lockdowns and shoot-downs under scrutiny


    During a half year characterised by coronavirus lockdown, airlines were reminded that political instability remains a risk to flight safety

  • China Air Lines 747-400F

    Safety: Accident reports published in first six months of 2020


    Skyward International Aviation Fokker 50, Nairobi, 2 July 2014 Kenyan investigators report the crew of a cargo flight (5Y-CET) continued a night take-off despite multiple warnings of engine problems and crashed some 50s after becoming airborne. The report said the crew of the Skyward International Aviation Fokker 50 departing Nairobi’s ...

  • PIA Karachi c Shahzaib Akber_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock_10657168l

    Airline safety review January-June 2020


    Nothing has been normal about air transport operations during the first half of this year, so analysis is subjective. But, our semi-annual review of global flight safety points to a period that may not have matched the high standards of recent years