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  • Envoy Air E175-c-Embraer

    Winglet missing from Envoy E175 after turbulence encounter


    Investigators are probing the loss of a winglet from an Embraer 175, apparently during turbulent conditions while carrying out a domestic US service. The aircraft (N233NN) was being operated by American Airlines’ regional division Envoy Air, and was en route from Charleston to Dallas on 3 May. According to a ...

  • Loong Air A321neo-c-Airbus

    China’s Loong spearheads Airbus evidence-based pilot training drive


    Chinese carrier Loong Air has become the first to sign for a new Airbus pilot-training scheme, whereby airlines use operational and training data to tailor and adapt the programme. The evidence-based training initiative extends the competency-based training and assessment product already offered by the airframer. Chinese carriers, says Airbus, are ...

  • A320neo take-off-c-Airbus

    Airbus tweaks A320 software to address rare go-around pitch-up anomaly


    Airbus has tweaked the flight guidance software for A320-family jets to address a pitch-up issue which could occur under certain circumstances on go-around. The modification followed an incident involving an unstable approach by an A321neo during which a go-around was initiated with the autopilot engaged. According to the European Union ...

  • ZeroAvia testbed

    Investigators yet to detail power loss behind ZeroAvia M350 forced-landing accident


    UK accident investigators have disclosed few additional details of the crash involving an experimental hydrogen-electric Piper M350 a year ago, beyond stating that the aircraft suffered a power loss. The aircraft (G-HYZA) had been modified with an electric motor powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and was carrying out test flights ...

  • Vietnam A321 VN-A603-c-Alec Wilson Creative Commons

    Vietnam A321 flew domestic sector after suffering vehicle collision damage


    Vietnamese authorities are said to be investigating why an Airbus A321 was able to continue operating having sustained substantial damage to its aft fuselage, apparently from a forklift vehicle. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has informed the ministry of transport that the aircraft suffered a fuselage dent beyond permissible ...

  • Air France 777-300ER F-GSQJ-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Probe into 777-300ER 'control instability' finds no evidence of inconsistent response


    French investigators probing the control instability experienced by an Air France Boeing 777-300ER on final approach to Paris Charles de Gaulle have found no inconsistency between the pilots’ control inputs and the movement of the aircraft. The aircraft, arriving from New York JFK on 5 April, had been conducting an ...

  • ASL Airlines France 737-700-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    ASL supports Fokker development of 737 satellite-based guidance modification


    ASL Airlines France has co-operated with Dutch aerospace firm Fokker Services on a satellite-based landing system modification for Boeing 737s. The LPV modification allows operators to conduct approaches down to localiser performance, or localiser performance with vertical guidance, minima. Fokker Services says that, from January 2024, all European instrument runways ...

  • Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk

    USAF pins RQ-4B loss on crew error, control logic ignorance


    Crew error and a misunderstanding of the aircraft’s control logic caused a Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Block 40 Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle (UAV) to overshoot a runway and crash in a field 6.8 miles (10.9km) away.

  • China Eastern 737-800

    China Eastern 737 crash clues point to few plausible causes


    Aviation safety experts increasingly see only a few plausible reasons why a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 plunged into the ground on 21 March, killing all 132 people aboard.

  • A220-300-c-Romain Coupy Creative Commons

    A220 operators told to check pins removed from evacuation slide canisters


    Operators of Airbus A220s are being instructed to check the emergency slides of passenger exits to ensure that safety pins are removed from escape slide inflation canisters. The urgent directive has been issued by Transport Canada. It states that inspections of two forward passenger slides of in-service aircraft found that ...

  • Aeroflot A350-c-Airbus

    US FAA formally downgrades Russian oversight safety classification


    US aviation regulators have downgraded the safety rating of Russia, declaring that the oversight authority is not complying with ICAO standards. The US FAA has formally classified Russia as a ‘Category 2’ state under its International Aviation Safety Assessment scheme. This downgrade prevents any expansion of airline services to the ...

  • Aeroflot 777

    Is Russian regulator putting politics before safety?


    Russia rejects charges that civil regulator Rosaviatsia will be unable to cope with the addition of hundreds of new aircraft to its purview, but questions regarding its capabilities remain.

  • toni-ferrel-new-c-toni-ferrel

    How US Army veteran Toni Ferrel found ‘purpose’ in ATC career


    US Army veteran Toni Ferrel stumbled on the aviation industry when searching government job posts. Through countless hours of toil and help from mentors – and while overcoming personal challenges – she worked her way from air traffic controller to station manager, finding ‘purpose’ and challenge along the way. Now she shows the younger generation of women what opportunities exist. 

  • MH370 memorial

    Fresh analysis of sonar data fails to turn up MH370


    A fresh round of data analysis has failed to locate the remains of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the review covered an area of 4,900km², and used high-resolution sonar datasets generated during the original search for ...

  • E170-c-Embraer

    Honeywell-equipped E170 uses stars and magnetic fields as GPS alternative


    US avionics specialist Honeywell has used an Embraer 170 to demonstrate the accuracy of alternative navigation techniques – including one based on magnetic anomalies – aimed at mitigating unavailability of GPS. The techniques use different sensors, including radar and radio, cameras, and star-trackers to support inertial navigation systems, correcting them ...

  • Calibration King Air F-HCEV-c-Monaam Ben Fredj Creative Commons

    Visual navigation confusion led to double airprox between calibration King Airs


    French investigators have determined that confusion in locating a VOR radial led the crew of a navaid calibration aircraft to stray twice into close proximity with a separate calibration flight in the vicinity of Paris. Both aircraft were Beechcraft King Airs operated by the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile on ...

  • China Eastern FDR cr CCTV

    Preliminary report into China Eastern 737 crash offers few details


    Work to recover and analyse data from the flight recorders of the crashed China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 is ongoing, and could take a while given how “severely damaged” they were, say Chinese investigators. 

  • United Airlines_masks

    US CDC urges Justice Department to appeal mask ruling


    US public health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to appeal a judge’s ruling that struck down the federal mask mandate in public transportation settings.

  • 737 Max cockpit-c-Max Kingsley-Jones
    In depth

    December deadline could spur Max 10 alert system redesign, safety benefits debatable


    Questions about whether Boeing will need to modernise the 737 Max 10’s pilot alerting system are swirling ahead of a December deadline that will require newly certified aircraft have modern alerting technology.

  • RwandAir CRJ-c-Alan Wilson Creative Commons

    RwandAir CRJ900 skids off Ugandan runway in rain


    African carrier RwandAir has disclosed that one of its aircraft has been involved in a runway excursion at Uganda’s Entebbe airport. The Bombardier CRJ900 was operating flight WB464 from Kigali via Nairobi on 20 April. RwandAir says the regional jet suffered the excursion, “veering off the runway upon landing” as ...