Eaton Aerospace of Cleveland, Ohio has won a contract to supply engine-driven hydraulic pumps (EDP), AC motorpumps (ACMP) and power transfer units (PTU) for the entire Airbus A320 fleet ordered by Spanish carrier Spanair.

The order is for 21 A320 family aircraft (A319, A320 and A321) plus 12 re-confirmable orders and a dozen options for a total of 45 aircraft to be delivered for 2000 through 2008.


The hydraulic component package comprises two Vickers EDPs, two ACMPs and one PTU per aircraft. Eaton will supply these items from its Vickers Aerospace Division at Jackson, Mississippi.

In addition, Eaton supplies the hydraulic motor-driven generators and ram air turbine pumps on the A320 series of aircraft from its Vickers factory at Bedhampton in the UK.

Although this is the first Spanair order for Eaton, it's not the first time that an A320 series operator has selected an all-Vickers mix for its aircrafts' fluid power packages.

Engine life extended with Windsor turbine case repair

Operators of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 series of engines can now obtain exhaust duct and rear turbine case repairs from Windsor Airmotive, a division of Barnes Aerospace of Windsor, Connecticut.

Used primarily on the Boeing MD-80 series of passenger aircraft, the JT8D-200 is still in operation with many airlines around the world. The engine exhaust duct repair replaces the conical rear section of the duct, while the repair to the rear turbine case concerns extended aft and front flange replacement capability.


Clay Moore, Barnes' vice-president sales and marketing, says the ducts often crack in service when the tail cone pulls on the duct rear flange. A service bulletin provides for a modification of the cone and duct mating flanges to prevent the pulling happening. However, many unmodified parts have been cracked beyond current repair limits and the result is whole pieces of the conical section being pulled away from the duct.

Source: Flight Daily News