The oneworld airline alliance shows its colours starting 1 February, when the five member carriers presented a united passenger service front and the branding is made widely visible for the first time.

American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas are launching fully integrated frequent flier programmes (FFP), and the respective FFP club members will be able to make use of any of the alliance's club lounges or other privileges according to their club card grading. Later this year, when it has completed the appropriate information technology adjustments and staff training, Finnair will join the oneworld group.

Passengers are promised smoother intra-alliance flight transfers, priority on waitlists, full customer support from any of the group's staff regardless of which airline they are travelling with, and a range of round-the-world fares branded as oneworld Explorer.

Ansett has set 28 March for its entry as a full Star Alliance member, in what Executive Chairman Rod Eddington calls "an important part of the Ansett recovery jigsaw puzzle". He says that the alliance will give the carrier a critical mass and that he expects it will "reasonably quickly" begin delivering revenue increases.

Source: Flight International