AlliedSignal has extended its enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) product line with the launch of a compact system designed for the general aviation market. First deliveries of the GA EGPWS, which will cost less than $10,000, are planned for early next year.

The new GA EGPWS, which will weigh about 0.68kg (1.5lb), will provide terrain protection for private and other GA aircraft. The system will generate a map-type picture showing the aircraft and nearby terrain, with terrain colour-coded based on its height relative to the aircraft. The map can be displayed on any cockpit display system. A built-in global positioning system (GPS) will be offered as an option. The GA EGPWS provides most of the voice audio alerts provided by AlliedSignal's other EGPWS products.

The launch of the GA product means that AlliedSignal provides EGPWS for all aircraft types. The Mark IV EGPWS, at $23,900, is designed for regional airliners and smaller business jets and turboprops, while the $68,000 Mark V and VII EGPWS are for large air transport aircraft and business jets.

EGPWS is contributing to the reduction of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) accidents. AlliedSignal says that EGPWS will support an 80% reduction in CFIT accidents over the next 10 years. Regional, business and air taxi aircraft suffer three times more CFIT accidents a year than air transport aircraft types, according to AlliedSignal. The US National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration require within three years that all turbine-powered aircraft with six or more seats have EGPWS.

Source: Flight International