A core engine demonstrator built by AlliedSignal as the potential forerunner for a new family of regional and business turbofans has run at full power for the first time since its initial run on 7 December, 1997.

The technology validation core is configured with a three axial stage/one centrifugal stage compressor driven by a single stage high pressure turbine. AlliedSignal expects the new core to generate a family of engines ranging from 18-40kN (4,000lb-9,000lb) thrust, providing a next generation successor to its TFE731 and LF502/507 engine series. Since the first run of the core, the company has also completed low power tests of an advanced, low emissions combustor for the engine which is based partly on technology developed in NASA's advanced subsonic transport programme. The combustor was tested on the core and in three rigs. A high pressure turbine rig test has also been successfully completed with efficiencies "exceeding expectations", says AlliedSignal.

A fully instrumented compressor rig has also been built and completed verification tests in February. In addition, a large scale fan rig has been built for the programme, which was first known as the AS900 when it was revealed in June 1997.

Source: Flight International