What do you do if you love aviation so much that it interferes with your normal life? For high-flier Laura Facchetti-Bourgeois the only answer was to leave the corporate world and set up her own ultralight company, which she has brought to Le Bourget for the first time (Hall 2, D1). Avions Legers Multi-Services (ALMS) designs, manufactures, and distributes three distinctive ultra-light motorised aircraft, which can be used for both business and pleasure.

The ultralights are ideal trainers and easy to maintain. The Calao a traditionally-shaped, bright yellow tandem is used for general surveillance, photography, crop spraying and express and emergency transportation; the Savage a stylish multipurpose single-engine aircraft, can be fitted with floats or skis. The Jodel D20 a wooden-framed aircraft, which can be used on snow, is primarily used for pilot training and weighs only 265kg (580 lb).

Source: Flight Daily News