Ameco Beijing has merged its aircraft overhaul business at its home base, with that of former Air China Technics' Chengu facility, into a single product.

"Ameco will provide customers with the same aircraft overhaul experience both in Beijing and Chengdu, and offer more flexible, reliable and wide-range overhaul services," says a company spokesperson.

The Chengdu facility formerly operated under Air China Technics, which was amalgamated into Ameco in July 2015.

Ameco says the integration focuses on the "aircraft overhaul product management system... and will compete in the domestic and international market".

Ameco's Beijing facility comprises one four-bay hangar that can accommodate up to four widebody aircraft for simultaneous overhaul, and a one-bay hangar for widebody painting.

Meanwhile, its Chengdu branch has a three-bay hangar each for widebody and narrowbody heavy maintenance, as well as a widebody painting hangar.

"With the synergies of two facilities at (the) Beijing base and Chengdu branch, Ameco will... expand the airframe overhaul business, in particular (the acceleration of its) international business," adds the MRO provider.

Air China had been planning for several years to amalgamate Ameco and Air China Technics. Ameco was established in 1989 with Air China holding 60% of shares and Lufthansa the rest.Lufthansa's shareholding now stands at 25%.

Lufthansa is the shareholder rather than Lufthansa Technik because Ameco was established six years before the airline spun out its maintenance division as a wholly owned but independently managed entity.

Source: Cirium Dashboard