An American Airlines Boeing 757-200 is back in service after its left main landing gear anti-skid system failed 7 December, locking up both left main gear wheels and blowing out both tires during a landing roll on Runway 33L at Boston Logan International Airport.

The FAA's flight standards district office in Boston reports that American mechanics attributed the problem to a failed anti-skid system control valve though they were not able to duplicate the lock-up on the ground. After replacing the valve, the aircraft was returned to service where it has operated correctly for the past 48h, says FAA.

American Airlines says there were no injuries to the 152 passengers and six crew, all of whom deplaned the aircraft on a taxiway and were bussed to the terminal after the incident at 1755 local time.

"The landing was normal, though the crew felt a wobble from the left side," says an American spokesman. "The tires were changed on the taxiway and the aircraft was put back in service."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news