First deliveries of the Boeing 787 to American Airlines are slipping by one year to 2013, due to programme delays and a machinists strike at the airframer in late 2008.

American parent AMR outlined the delays in its latest quarterly update to US regulators explaining the first of 42 787-9 aircraft on order was due for delivery in 2012, with deliveries continuing to 2018. The agreement also includes purchase rights for 58 additional aircraft. American placed an order with Boeing for the 787 in October of 2008.

After discussions with Boeing American explains the first 787 delivery should occur in the second half of 2013, with first deliveries of the 58 aircraft currently under purchase right scheduled for the second half of 2016.

In order to acquire the 787-9s American must reach a satisfactory agreement with its pilots to operate the aircraft. If that fails to happen, AMR can refuse to accept some or none of the aircraft.

Following the announcement by AMR to purchase the 787, the union representing American's pilots said it hoped to reach a contract that included pay rates for the aircraft before the start of scheduled deliveries.

American and its pilots have been locked in contract negotiations for roughly 29 months.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news