The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reporting that American Airlines flights are being held at their departure airports due to “computer issues” until 13:30 central daylight time.

Flights bound for American’s Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami hubs are not departing under the ground stop programme, the FAA’s website shows. It does not show any issues with flights bound for the airline’s hubs in Los Angeles or New York or ones operated by its US Airways subsidiary.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier operates more than 300 flights a day from Chicago O’Hare, more than 860 flights from Dallas/Fort Worth and 240 flights from Miami on weekdays, data shows.

American’s flights today were operating 86% on-time at 13:30 eastern daylight time, Flightstats shows.

The airline is in the midst of a “drain down” period, where it is moving the majority of the reservations out of the US Airways reservations system and over to the American reservations system ahead of a cutover on 17 October.

Reservations systems integrations have posed issues for previous airline mergers, including US Airways-America West in 2007 and United Airlines-Continental Airlines in 2012.

American was not immediately available for comment.

Source: Cirium Dashboard