American Airlines will debut its last three heritage jets this “autumn”, says chief integration officer Beverly Goulet.

Three Boeing 737-800s will sport liveries reminiscent of AirCal (merged with American in 1987), Reno Air (merged with American in 1999) and Trans World Airlines (TWA, merged with American in 2001), her presentation at the Boyd International Aviation Forecast Summit in Las Vegas today shows.

AA heritage 640

The liveries will join Allegheny, America West Airlines, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Piedmont Airlines and US Airways heritage aircraft, as well as an American retrojet, in the Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier’s fleet.

American Airlines' US Airways heritage livery

AA US Airways heritage 640

American Airlines

Widely popular with employees and customers alike, US Airways began the heritage livery programme following its merger with America West in 2005. It has since been expanded to airlines that merged with American following the American-US Airways merger in 2013.

However, the programme only includes airlines that merged directly with American or US Airways – so no Empire Airlines (merged with Piedmont in 1985) and Ozark Air Lines (merged with TWA in 1986) – since the 1980s.

Heritage is a popular theme at American. It debuted a series of eight heritage amenity kits for international premium passengers earlier this year that are widely sought by passengers.

Source: Cirium Dashboard