American Utilicraft has selected several subcontractors for its FF-1080-200 Freight Feeder, a twin-turboprop cargo aircraft which is being designed specifically for overnight package carriers.

The UK's Meggitt Avionics will supply the flat panel flight and engine displays, and fuel quantity gauging and engine fire detection systems. Securaplane of Tucson, Arizona, will provide the "wireless" smoke detection and fire suppression equipment, while Camarillo, California-based Hi-Tem Insulation will supply the cargo bay thermal and acoustical insulation.

American Utilicraft has completed a full-scale mockup of the Freight Feeder's 19.5m-long cargo compartment, which is sized to accommodate airline-standard LD3 containers. The company has begun work on a pre-production prototype, which it plans to complete by December 1999.

Source: Flight International