Tim Ripley

Moves by the European Union to oppose the proposed controversial merger of US aerospace giants Boeing and McDonnell Douglas (MDC) are likely to end in compromise, say MDC sources at Paris.

"We are confident the differences will be worked out," says Fred Hill, McDonnell Douglas senior vice-president for communications.

The European Union's competition authorities have been holding hearings in Brussels on the merger and are due to reach a decision early in July, soon after the US Federal Trade Commission issues its own ruling.

Hill says MDC is confident the FTC will also approve the merger of the two US companies.

The EU could impose fines or restrictions on sales if it disapproved of the merger.

Restrictions on the corporate structure could also be imposed but Hill says it is "...premature to speculate about issues like that". He also poses the question: "How many customers does Boeing have in the EU?"

"It is in everybody's interests - Boeing, McDonnell, Airbus and the European Union - that this thing gets resolved," says Hill.

"We think these things are best worked in negotiations between the parties and not with the media."

Source: Flight Daily News