AmSafe Aviation is a regular NBAA attendee, but this year has expanded to include EBACE.  “We are bringing our expertise to the show and want to demonstrate the safety aspects of our inflatable airbag systems,” says international sales director Rick Patterson.

The AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint (AAIR) claims to be able to reduce head and neck injuries in survivable crash scenarios.  Completely compatable compatible with standard aircraft seating and seat belt attach points, the AAIR looks and operates like standard belt. An integral airbag stored in the fixed half seat belt will deploy and help protect passengers should the worst happen. The system is controlled through multiple sensors which can detect an imminent 16g/26g ‘event’.  Following detection the AAIR’s inflator starts and creates a volume of gas to deploy the airbag up and away from the passenger’s belt within milliseconds. The belt can be fitted in minutes.

“We have a solid commercial customer base and want to pass on the enhanced safety applications to business and corporate users,” says Rick Patterson, international sales director.


Source: Flight Daily News