Amsafe Aviation is targeting the Airbus A380 with a lightweight version of its Amsafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint (AAIR) system. The company expects to see an increase in row-to-row applications of its inflatable seatbelt if the US Federal Aviation Administration 16g seat requirement is introduced for all FAR 121 operators (Flight International, 15-21 October 2002).

Speaking at last month's Aircraft Interiors Expo 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, John Gough, Amsafe director of sales for Europe, said: "We want to offer the system as standard equipment on the A380." Amsafe is also targeting Boeing applications - so far all of its commercial AAIR systems are on Airbus aircraft.

Gough says the system could allow up to 22 additional seats on some Boeing 777 layouts by enabling seats to be placed closer to cabin bulkheads.

The AAIR activates when impact loads of 8-9g last for more than 15 milliseconds, and Gough says it is currently installed on 12 airlines' front row seats directly behind bulkheads.

Source: Flight International