Antonov re-flew the sole An-70 prototype on 5 June, following repairs needed after the aircraft was badly damaged in a non-fatal accident at Omsk, Russia, in January.

The airlifter was repaired by the Omsk-based Polyet aircraft factory. Antonov test pilot Aleksandr Golunenko headed the crew on the 20min flight.

The aircraft has since been declared airworthy and, as Flight International went to press, was due to depart for Antonov's flight test centre near Kiev, Ukraine, on 8 June.

The An-70 was in transit to Yakutsk,Siberia, for low temperature trials when the accident occurred after a problem with the No2 and No3 engines on take-off. Only a few trials remained before certification.

Despite the accident, the Ukrainian defence ministry proceeded to order five airlifters; it has a requirement for 65.

Source: Flight International