Kitty Yen, a veteran of the parent Evergreen Group, was appointed president of Taiwan's number-two carrier EVA Air on 1 January, replacing Daniel Wu at the helm of Taiwan's second carrier.

She had joined parent Evergreen Group at entry level in 1975, working in positions of increasing responsibility at units Evergreen International and Evergreen Marine over the following 17 years.

In 1992 she was named executive vice-president of the inflight service division of EVA Air and held that job until 1996. The following year, she became secretary and assistant to group chairman Y F Chang, and in 1999 became president of Evergreen Sky Catering, a job she held until her appointment as EVA's president.

Married with two children, Yen lists reading as a hobby. She never thought she would have a career in business, and in fact graduated from university with a degree in journalism. She worked as a journalist for around a year, before joining Evergreen.

She says now: "I never reject any assignment from our group chairman. I like a challenge - all kinds of challenges. I have been with the company since 1975, so, for me, I think I am going to die here."

Source: Airline Business