Your report "Safety audit poses threat to Olympic's game plan" (Flight International, 21-27 October) contains statements that must not pass unchallenged.

You say the US Federal Aviation Administration's International Aviation Safety Assessment auditors "are checking Greece's airport safety improvements and security measures". The truth is that the FAA's team is scheduled to arrive in Athens on 29 October for a two-day visit. This can be verified with the US Embassy in Athens. Furthermore, the article is misleading in saying: "Industry sources say the FAA will confirm the nation's safety oversight system as Category 2 after the audits, despite Greece's efforts to improve". "Industry sources" - what a slick, vulgar and shameless way to cover immoral motives.

This report is provocative, unfair to the Greek people and a perfect example of unprofessional journalism. However, we, the employees of the Hellenic civil aviation authority, who have worked hard to achieve our goal, do not consider it a serious threat. Since we have seen numerous similar articles during the past months, we know it is a part of a well-orchestrated attempt to inflict wounds upon the successful organisation of the 2004 Olympic Games. Dear friends, thank you for your help and as the ancient Greeks said: "If you have such friends, you don't need enemies."

Nikos Farmakis

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, Athens, Greece

Source: Flight International